Customer Testimonials

I had some ideas for refinishing my kitchen cabinets—colors and treatment-wise—but really didn’t know how to proceed. So when I called Karen, she gave me both artistic ideas and practical plans. We formulated a plan that worked with the things I was keeping (flooring and wall treatment) along with the new granite and appliances I was putting in to create a beautiful, unique kitchen. She worked with me in a timely and helpful manner to make what had become an overwhelming DIY project possible. Karen knows a lot about all aspects of painting and cares about her work and the outcome for her clients. It scares me to think of what might have become of my kitchen had I tried to manage it alone. It also makes me happy to know I got what I wanted without breaking my budget. After Karen finished my job, I suggested her to a friend who hired her and was just as pleased as I was with Karen’s work. Try her, you’ll like her!

Nancy Fuller, Flower Mound, TX

Karen Orofino is so wonderful to work with that I have hired her for three projects in the past and look forward to working with her again and again as I decorate my home. Karen’s first project was my kitchen. She worked tirelessly creating samples for the walls and cabinets until she came up with a dream fulfilling new look. Additionally, Karen has a marvelous eye for color! The cabinets use colors from the tile, the granite, and the walls turning my kitchen into a fabulous space that any designer would be proud to claim as their work.

A talented artist, Karen, creates faux finishes, murals, and stencils designed for you alone. You will not find my kitchen, guest room or guest bathroom in any other home in the area. I have two more bathroom projects in the works now, and I can’t wait to see what Karen’s ideas will be.

Karen is not just a painter. She is an artist, and your home is her canvas. Karen’s first priority is your happiness, and she will work with you until you are more than satisfied. She also allows you to work with her, if you so desire, which helps to lower the cost of your project! If you want a painter/artist that will work tirelessly to ensure your happiness, hire Karen Orofino.


My husband and I were looking for a painter to "fix" our recent paint job that turned out awful. We found Karen's card at our local Sherwin Williams paint store, gave her a call and we were immediately impressed with her willingness to talk with the client about what they want done. Our experiences with painters previously has been a very rushed job, not listening to what the client wants and just quickly moving on to the next job. Karen spends a significant amount of time getting a feel for the clients tastes and makes several sample boards so the client can see exactly what they're getting. Well, she fixed our awful paint job and we just had her out to redo our kitchen cabinets. They look fabulous. She even came back to touch up a few spots where the shading was not quite right at no additional cost. I've referred her to several of my friends and co-workers and they also have been very impressed with the quality of her work.

Karen S.

Karen Orofino, 972-741-1766,, is the best painter for any size job.

Lots of neighbors have used her. In fact, that's how I found her. I have recommended her for many jobs and everyone that uses her has been completely satisfied with every aspect of her work.She owns her company here in FM and typically does all the work herself. She has a great eye for details and will help with any color issue you may have. She is very efficient and will work with any budget. She can also do some small repairs.

If you want/need more information regarding her work please feel free to contact me.

Rachelle L