About Karen

Services offered

  • Painting and faux finishing on walls and woodwork.
  • Samples worked and consultations provided for color and technique
  • Homeowner may elect to work with me to learn techniques or lower costs
  • Classes and presentations

About the decorator...

A few years out of college I stumbled into the opportunity to work for and train under a paint contractor who came from a painting dynasty. He had a wealth of knowledge about tools and techniques and he was very generous to share this knowledge with me. I worked as a regular house painter for many years before branching out into the world of special finishes and faux finishes. With a BFA in art this was a natural progression. The benefit of so many years as a regular paint contractor (using brush, roll, and spray) is that I have a very extensive knowledge of materials, techniques, tools, and the habits of a production painter. This is what makes me so cost effective and versatile.

I have organized and taught faux finish classes and given presentations for professionals on behalf of major paint manufacturers.

  • I have acted as advisor for the Jacobson House Cultural Center re-model on the campus of Oklahoma University
  • I have worked in many venues across the country: New York, Florida, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Kansas
  • I am constantly exploring new techniques and materials

My motto is “I paint my house to please me; I would like to paint your house to please you.”

I have saved my clients lots of money while providing a custom finish. For example, I was able to color match a very tall and extensive ceiling to make a small patch rather than a total re-paint; I was able to apply a beautiful strie upon stripe effect in place of very costly wallpaper that was back-ordered for 6 months; I was able to strip some oak stairs and match them to the colors of the newly installed cherry floor in the adjacent rooms thereby saving the client money and tremendous tear-out headaches with repaint rather than replacement.

With thanks to my mentor: Jim L.